Anorexia and Anxiety
Anorexia and Anxiety anxiety-and-anorexia stories
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xoshadow ♡ Girl ♡ 14 year old ♡ Denmark ♡
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Anorexia and Anxiety

Post by xoshadow Enjoy!

I remember the doctors eyes,

and his heavy sighs,

as he watched me twitch

and itch under his gaze.

anxiety was acknowledged,

but anorexia meant,

i was so much more damaged

than the odd missed meal,

or two.

the thought lingered,

in my mind,

anxiety and anorexia combined,

would i cope,

or would i leave this

world behind?

and all of a sudden,

it all made sense,

the little abnormalities,

and hence,

i was just another

anorexic girl,

with a touch of anxiety,

from whence,

i may never recover.

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