mama: an original dark dialogue
mama: an original dark dialogue thriller stories

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mama, do you want to play with me?

mama: an original dark dialogue

sydney- 1982

sophie: oh hey mama!

mom: sweetie... i'm busy right now.

sophie: oh come on!

sophie: i know mama wants to play with me!

mom: maybe later, sweetheart.

mom: in the meantime, wanna help me do the dishes?

sophie: fine...

sophie: but mama...

sophie: but mama... you never play with me!

mom: sweetie, you know i still love you, even though i don't have time to play with you, right?

sophie: everyday you would always say that you're "busy"!

mom: sophie…

mom: sophie… it's just...

mom: sophie… it's just... as a mother, we have to take responsibilities for ourselves that'll benefit the family.

mom: like our family, you know?

sophie: but dada plays with me!

sophie: he would care for me first before his busy-ness!

mom: *sighs*


mom: alright, i'll play.

mom: but only for 10 mins.

mom: yay! thank you mama!

sophie: i will get my doll!

mama: okay, sweetie!

as sophie gets her doll, her mom waited.

15 minutes has passed and her mom was becoming impatient.

mom: sweetie?

sophie: coming, mama!

mama: why are you taking so long? i need to do the chores!

sophie: oh!

sophie: sorry, mama!

sophie: i created a new doll!

mom: sounds awesome!

mom: sounds awesome! can you bring her down?

sophie: sure!

(sophie goes down to the kitchen)

sophie: mama!

sophie: mama! meet my new doll!

mom: sweetie-

mom: sweetie- ...

mom: sweetie- ... that's not...

mom: sweetie- ... that's not... a doll.

sophie: it's a doll, mama!

sophie: it's a doll, mama! all for YOU!

mama: put that thing down!

mama: put that thing down! that's a-

mama: put that thing down! that's a- that's a FUCKING KNIFE!

sophie: uh oh!

sophie: uh oh! mama swore!

sophie: uh oh! mama swore! that's a dollar for the swear jar!

mom: that's IT!

mom: that's IT! i'm taking that shit OFF YOUR HAND!

sophie: (gasps)

sophie: (gasps) mama swore again!

sophie: sophie is surprised!

sophie: bend down, mama!

mama: what the--

mama: what the-- DON'T--


sophie: happy, mama?

sophie: did you enjoy having fun with my new doll?

sophie: tell me, mama.


sophie: alright, mama.

sophie: you seem to be asleep.

sophie: and why do i see red gooey liquid coming out from you?

*phone rings*

(sophie picks up the phone)

(sophie picks up the phone) hello?

dad: hey, sweetie!

dad: hey, sweetie! how's my precious angel doing?

sophie: it's going well, dada!

sophie: all...

sophie: all... too...

sophie: all... too... well...

*hangs up*

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