The Truth
The Truth  romance stories

xoecraziiI am a mystery to myself.
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Conversation between two persons -A girl and a boy- being hostage in a small cottage.

The Truth

By XoeCrazii

'What are you doing?', he asked me. I replied, 'Eating.'

'We are being held hostage and you decide to raid the kitchen?' 'They didn't say the fridge was off limits.'

He looked at me amused. I kept eating, distracting myself.

After a while he said, 'You should stop that.' 'What?' 'Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.'

I looked at him stunned by his reply. 'I can't believe. . . we are kidnapped and you are saying this.' 'Why? You can eat and I can't say the truth?

I blushed.

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