Oh My God. . .
Oh My God. . . she stories
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xoecrazii I am a mystery to myself.
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She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she took.

Oh My God. . .

by XoeCrazii

It was just a evening in the beautiful city of Paris. I was just looking for a cab. When I met her.

She stopped her car - A grey Jaguar - right in front of me. She asked, ' Do you want a ride?' I decided to go with her.

She smiled, the smile that could make you shiver. And I immediately regretted the thought of agreeing to her. I saw a weird looking bracelet on her wrist which she kept touching.

The journey continued in silence for a while. I was nervous as hell. She took a different turn which I didn't knew. I looked at her. And saw a evil smile plastered on her face.

Was something wrong?

Something felt extremely wrong. Then, I saw her push the brake and my heart nearly stopped when she took out a chopping knife from somewhere in the car.

She whispered, 'I add a new charm to my bracelet for every life I take. I guess I will get a new one.' I took a glance at the bracelet on her hand. There were more than twenty charms.

OH MY GOD. . .

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