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xnwxrmxlik Do whxt thou wilt
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Do you know who you are??


We start a journey together with someone

Side by side

Walking on the road

With destined site

A day comes when inevitably

Our paths divide

A chemical reaction in your body

You know but still can't slide

All you do is cheat on yourself, run and hide,

Hiding from the feelings that are buried inside

That's the same story every fuck'in night

Your brain orders your heart to get over it

But the moment they left he eventually died

Poor thing couldn't survive

But look the moon still shines every night

As bright as he should be in the sky

Nothing's gonna dim his damn light

Unless it's another eclipse of his life

Let's talk about the god of billions

Where does he resides

Which one to bow down

Which one lied

Which one is verified

And which one verify's

A genocide to be right

He isn't satisfied

With human sacrifice

He'd much more dignified

If peace and love was our guide

Yet I'm starving for the divine

Yet I'm not happy to be alive...

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