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xnwxrmxlik Do whxt thou wilt
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My death keep's tongue kissing


Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in the body I live in,

Everything's fine. But this ain't me, I'm living in a prison.

Depression, anxiety, I don't know what's the actual reason??

Slit wrist, cutthroat. Wanna move ahead for few days; my body left on the floor while bleeding

Death spoke to me...

Just calm down your mind; I will show the way to it.

Leme bring your stressed-out soul some peace

You don't have to overthink about a thing, please.

Everyone is afraid of me and fears me

But, when I'm with you;

You don't have to worry about anything.

And Xnwxr, the sun of your life is about to set; It won't rise again.

How long can you handle the dark alone and stay-in??

Come with me, I'll end it; leave your loved ones back.

You need to do it with your strong heart and never try to look back.

These words seemed so pleasing. My life had no meaning.

I agreed upon it and never tried to rethink

Don't know how long I can hold on to; it's suffocating,

I just wanna lay down and stop breathing...

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