Bxit hate- stories

xnwxrmxlik Do whxt thou wilt
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I'm not trying to hate on anyone. Just trying to make a valid point through my poem. Please have an open mind, try to relate and understand...


So much hate on the plate

I would rather die myself

Than kill a comrade and label myself great

What's the point to investigate

When rapers don't get eliminate

Annihilate the citizens

While opening up the gates

To migrate in the state

Can't provide slate to educate

Fraud scams of digit eight

They have media on cheapskate

All they do is fucking scream nonsense on debates

Built a wall for President

Ashamed of the city that is contaminated

Isolate the bait

Death threat to judges and advocates

How can you expect justice from such dominants

Multiple locations were/are on communication break

Retaliate before it's too late

They don't even hesitate

To fabricate the history

Don't underestimate them

They have holy medicines based on shit cakes

Economy rate is falling down straight

Don't get frustrated of unemployment

Why are you upset??

"Mitroon" chill and meditate...

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