You Are Gold
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xnnyxavier یہ وقت بھی گزر جائے گا
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in case you are feeling down and worthless,know that you matter.
this poem is inspired by the song"all u got is gold" by the great escape and make sure you listen to it!

You Are Gold

By Nirvana Nightingale

you say you're feeling fine

but I can see your dimming light

so let me be your headlights

let me guide you in the dark

when you're falling like a meteorite

and you're feeling numb like a frostbite

a fire, I'll ignite

to soothe your soul

and keep you warm

when you're lonely and you're lost

I'll be your satellite

and in case you forgot

you are worth everything

don't treat yourself like copper and nickel dimes

darling don't you know you are pure gold

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