What Are You?
What Are You?
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if you don't truly understand yourself and can't figure out who you truly are, then this poem is for you.

What Are You?

By Nirvana Nightingale

Is your soul bright like a sunny day?

or is it like cold and dead midnight?

or is your heart made of steel?

is your mind an escape place?

or does it feel like a prison?

are your thoughts twisted and dark like a forest?

or peaceful like a walk in the garden?

is the flame in your soul extinguished?

or is is burning like a forest fire?

do you wanna hold on to this dear life?

or do you wanna let go of it?

are you happy? celebrating everyday like it's your birthday all the time?

or do you feel shadows of sadness consuming all your light?

or you feel nothing at all, just numbness surrounding you to your core?

Do you care about every little thing?

or you don't give a damn about anything?

do you feel as if you can conquer the world?

or you're just never enough?

do you truly see right through yourself?

or do you still wander what are you?

well the questions are yours to answer my dear!

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