Rise From The Pain
Rise From The Pain depression stories

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If you are feeling down, read this

Rise From The Pain

poem by Nirvana Nightingale

Pretty sky above you

shades of blue, indigo and pink

is slowly turning grey

standing there lifeless

your soul shatters like falling icicles

you feel as if you can't walk these miles no longer

you feel like you are just 6 feet under

but nobody sees it

nobody sees you are dead inside

oh when did you lose your beautiful smile?

and the brightness in your eyes

radiating like the sun

when did it turn into dead stars?

bad seasons in your life does this to you

I understand

but I need to ask

what good is pain

if it makes you weak?

so get up and don't give up

'cause every sad season

promises a happy one

splash your life with colors

smile more

rekindle your soul

so much that your eyes are fiery with passion

be your own superhero

before the grey skies above you

turn into dark midnight

and the ground beneath you shatters

and your eyes blur any bits of hope

'cause of its fading shine

come out stronger on the other side

after all you are worth everything

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