Rain is like therapy

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do you love rain?do you find it amazing and therapeutic?

Rain is like therapy

by Nirvana Nightingale

Thunderstorm starts and breaks the silence of this idle town

tiny droplets of rain start to fall from grey heavy clouds

sprinkling over me and everything that's around brightening the dull colors of this boring town

it's warmth, mist and pleasant earthy scent

making me feel alive

so full of life

kids are singing and dancing at the rooftops and the streets jumping and splashing in sloppy puddles

birds are singing peacocks are dancing frogs are croaking

Uncle Arthur is sitting by the window sipping hot coffee

enjoying it calmly observing the the rain drops rolling down the window pane leaving behind water trails

I find happiness in the drizzling of rain I find it soothe my soul and wash away all my worries I find art in the sweet patterns it forms upon my skin

I love rain like I love my dog even though I don't have one

and when the rain goes away it leaves me a bit gloomy

but soon I see a spectrum of seven colors reflect upon my eyes

A rainbow spanning the horizon so wonderful and magical a symbol of peace and serenity

while observing this scenic beauty, I can't help but admire how beautiful is God's art

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