Melancholy Strain
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Melancholy Strain

By Nirvana Nightingale

his dreams

were drenched

in golden daylight

under the blazing summer sun

they were shining

bright and high

he wanted to

reach them

and take flight

but his feet are tired

and his wings are clipped

now in his mind

in the dead of the night

in spitting rain

and gusty winds

he walks alone

down a dismal alley

that leads to nowhere

just a sea of vacant space

where echoes slip in

of the sound of his cries

but nobody

seems to hear a thing

there's no one by his side


he does is just

never right

he tries to

make sense

of the world

around him

but his reality feels as if

he swallowed a lethal dizzy pill

and his head is spinning around

his heart is a graveyard

full of abandoned dreams

his soul no longer

seeks the first light of dawn

hope means nothing

but just an

unfamiliar visitor

in his dreams

the only thing he got by his side

are his demons

haunting him

day and night

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