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Anatomy Of My Heart

By Nirvana Nightingale

my heart is not just atria and ventricles

It's not just arteries and veins muscle and nerve fibers

it's more than a pumping machine

it's made up of memories that I made in this town

2:00 AM chats with my sister at the rooftop talking about life

calling friends over and just talking all-day

listening to good music watching cool movies just chilling and vibing

there's an alley where my love constantly roams

haunting me in the most beautiful ways

there are valleys in there

where I just think and wander

like a lost being looking for a home to stay

and that's where I carry a pen

writing my heart out

putting it here on display

there's a room in there

so dark, one could go astray

somedays a strange force pulls me inside it

and then I stay there, cry and weep

'till I can't feel anything

but then I see a light

coming from south of my heart I guess

my eyes see a room

so bright, one could go blind

and when I rush in there

hoping to find some light

I can't help but feel hopeful and bright

my heart's not just land, there's also a lake

and when I am bored

I swim in this lake of books

each one with a unique world of its own

and don't worry they don't get wet

there's a special corner dedicated to memes

there's also a sanctuary, a place of meditation and calmness a spiritual connection with my beloved God

and a museum of art

Mostly, Van Gogh's

a disco room

with my playlist on

a hall of polaroids

of places I've been

a garden of memories

where the birds sing hallelujah

and I replay them reminiscing those times

feeling nostalgia cross through my heart

like chair lifting in Murree

my first day in school

building a sandcastle at the beach

going out to eat with family

half of the family wanting beef

other half arguing for something vegetarian

Running and sliding on the desert dunes

'till my limbs got sore

horse riding and then camel riding at the beach

laying under the starry sky

just talking and chilling

polaroids of places, I hope to go

Japan, Turkey Iceland and more

there's just so many places in my heart

this poem alone can't cover

and I don't know how they fit

into this tiny heart of mine

so this was the anatomy of my heart I'd like to ask if it resonates with yours?

I hope you enjoyed xoxo

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