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xm_m_hx I pour all of it in a blank page.
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It's a true story indeed, but I'm still a teen and still in love with my typewriters. Love is not only towards people but also towards a lot of things. I let my imagination lead me and here it is, my love for writing.

Love at first sight

Dust has settled on my old rusty typewriter which I have locked away in my storage room during my teen years.

As a writer since teenage, typewriters really fascinated me. The writer in me wanted to know how it functioned and wanted to feel the excitement when I smash those keys as I type.

I always had an image of a writer in my head. In a room spacious enough room, sunlight falling in through the open window, while the calm breezes flutters few papers on my desk.

I would sit on the desk with my typewriter while the beautiful sound of the keys, that I press down, would fill the quiet room and calm my soul down.

As a teen, I would lose my motivation over one thing quite often and move onto another thing and my typewriter fell victim to it.

Of course, there were many times I wanted to use it, I would stare at and think what will my imagination lead my fingers to, in the end I used to just stare at it with an empty mind.

I have now taken my rusty, old and dusty typewriter out of its cage. I let out a small smile at the sight of it.

I remember nagging my father about wanting a typewriter and then one day, he unexpectedly brought one.

In this day and age, typewriters are quite rare thus being really expensive and not easily found.

He brought home two typewriters, an electric typewriter while the other one was a manual typewriter and I experienced love at first sight for the first time.

The electric typewriter was even rarer, its ribbon was impossible to find. While the manual typewriter's ribbons were found at cheap prices at the bookshops around.

We were not rich nor were we poor, a friend of his who works at an office gave them to him, saying it's the day of laptops and computers, no one uses typewriters these days.

I remember the manual typewriter being really dirty and the keys were extremely hard to press down.

Foolishly, I started cleaning it with water but my father said it rusts them out, so we used thinner to clean the mess and used coconut oil, smoothing the type-bars.

It wasn't easy but we still managed to make it work.

Whereas, the electric typewriter was easy to use,

it wasn't that dirty and it was almost like the keyboards of our laptops and PC but their ribbons were extremely hard to find and till this day I haven't yet found a cheap ribbon for

my electric typewriter to which I had to store it in a box and lock it away.

I take off the cloth wrapped around the manual typewriter and let out some coughs as dust particles flies around.

I stare at with awe and I press down the G key, the sound surprised and excited me making me fall in love with it again. I set it down on the middle of the desk and sit down in front of it.

I crack my knuckles, stretch my arms and wiggle my fingers.

I then let my mind which is filled with imaginations, lead my fingers to press down the keys,

while I sit in a spacious and quiet room with sunlight seeping through the open window letting a soft breeze whoosh by making few papers on my desk flutter lightly while the beautiful

sound of the typewriter fills the quiet room. I smile with satisfaction and let out a breath, I promise to never abandon you again, so let's keep working together till our hearts content.

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