judge me based off who ! s!mp for
judge me based off who ! s!mp for simp stories

xk1lla hello, hello? hey! youre doing great <3.
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get into it by doja cat is on a constant loop in my head. just "get into it, y u h" that song has crack in it

judge me based off who ! s!mp for

im bored :,) im gonna do one of my kinks too later LMAOAO also this is only 12 from a growing list LMAO and, dw whores, i'll feed u guys ur smut soon <3. just be patient.

suna rintarou (haikyuu)

satori tendou (haikyuu)

terushima yuuji (haikyuu)

izuku midoriya (boku no hero academia)

shoto todoroki (boku no hero academia

hitoshi shinsou (boku no hero academia)

genocider syo (danganronpa)

oh sangwoo (killing stalking)

yoon bum (killing stalking)

kusuo saiki (the disastrous life of saiki k.)

yugi amane/hanako-kun (toilet bound hanako-kun)

light yagami (death note)

do i have good taste besties :,) anyways comment ur simps below or smth- or don't? idc <3.

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