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idk man.


by rellirht

i'm so tired of people telling me that i need to have my life in order and everything figured out at the age of 18 -

that i need to be able to afford gucci everything and drive a Mercedes, yet still maintain having six figures in savings -

and on top of that, i must be a full time student getting A's in all my coursework - since, you know, anyone who's not in university is "underachieving" and "has no goal in life" -

and i must balance a part time job - but i mustn't think about staying in that place for long; i should be aiming higher since £8 an hour is "oh so disgraceful" -

and having an average body is looked down upon, so amongst going to uni and working that job, i need to make time to go to the gym to reach an unrealistic body goal -

and although relationships at this age is frowned upon since i'm "still a kid", i still need to be on the lookout for a future partner to marry -

and the thought of having a child now is absurd but it's a requirement that i should have 2+ after marriage

do people understand that i'm just 18?

i shouldn't have to care about the brand of clothing i wear or think that the higher my academic achievements are will validate me even more as a human -

people don't even know their own hobbies anymore since we're forced to think that balancing uni, a job & keeping ourselves at a kim k body figure is more important than knowing who we truly are -

the same people who preach, "be you! do what you love!" are the same people who will talk ill of you when you tell them that you don't want to go to university because you'd rather travel -

since when was it such a requirement to be what other people want more than what you want for yourself?

this society will never make sense.


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