Those Eyes
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xina Going through the motions
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Nine months, You look different than what I pictured

Those Eyes

Nine months,

You look different than what I pictured

Not in a bad way, just different

I never expected to hold you.

Never expected those eyes,

Those innocent eyes

Filled with wonder, potential and everything that's good

I'm going to ruin you.

I'm lost in every sense of the word,

Lost in those eyes that gleam like the stars

I'm going to extinguish that spark

And you're going to hate me

But, I don't want to ruin you

But what else is going to happen,

I don't know what to do and you can't tell me what to do

You're crying

What do you want?

What does it mean?

They told me I'd know what to do once you came

But I don't

You're still crying.

How do I make it stop?

No one else is here to tell me what to do

It's just us

You, me and the river running down your face

I've ruined them already and it hasn't even been a day

Wait, you stopped crying.

You're grasping unto me as if I'm your world

Hmm, five little fingers wrapped around my thumb

I'm a mother; I'm no longer a girl

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