3 am thoughts
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ximmayCommunity member
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3 am thoughts

by ximmay

3 am and thoughts flicker through my brain back and forth back and forth

i shut my eyes and see you laying down with me.

handsome as can be, glaring into my eyes. i fall in love over and over

but how is it that i fall in love knowing i deserve better?

promise to change and try but treat me like day old chowder?

and when i try to leave, you pull me back?

back and forth back and forth.

are you the one? can you see past my flaws and battle scars and see the light in me?

Question is, did i make the right choice in staying instead of leaving?

cause i know i deserve better but worried i will never find it.

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Have faith..in yourself. If you believe you deserve better you will find it. What you need comes before what you want.. believe in yourself that you are strong and smart enough to make the right decisions