The Waiting Game
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xgelatinex Secretly writing about her feelings. Shh
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I'll wait.

The Waiting Game

I'll be in the sky. I'll wait for you. I'll wait till dawn comes. Till the stars fall from the heavens. I'll wait till the moon withers away to another sunrise.

I'll wait for the same shooting star and make the same wish I made the other night. I'll be the sun and rain, I'll help you show your colors.

I'll wait till the cold sky turns into the fiery pit I fall in every morning when you forget. I'll wait for you.

I'll be in the ocean. I'll wait till my salty tears cause a high tide. I'll wait under the water you drown me in.

I'll wait till you see that I try to fight the waves that drag me down to get to you. Till seaweeds restrain my arms and legs and drag me down under to its deep, dark trenches.

I'll wait for the tsunami, signaling you've come back to me. I'll wait on the shore till sand peppers my hair and not my face with your kisses.

I'll wait for you to remember my tear stained face. I'll wait for you.

I'll wait here like the sunset colored leaves sleeping on dirt when fall steps in. I'll wait here like a forgotten paper boat floating on a puddle of water during summer.

I'll wait here like snowflakes on a bed of itself when winter visits. I'll wait here like pollen inside a flower waiting for the bees on spring.

I will wait for you to remember the promises you've left unkempt. I will wait for you to remember that you took my heart and never gave it back.

I will wait till you remember that you've forgotten.

I'll be here. Waiting for you to remember me.

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