The Color Blue
The Color Blue romance stories

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The Color Blue

Blue was the color of the sky when we first met. It was the color of the shirt that you wore and the color I couldn't get out of my mind that night as I lay in bed.

When we were walking hand in hand, I didn't care that the muscles in my face were tired from smiling while I looked at you.

It was the color that disappeared from my body the moment I caught the smile I summoned from your face with a corny joke.

Blue was the color you dissolved when you wrapped your warm hands around me. It was the color of the diamond on the ring you gave me even though they said it wasn't traditional.

It was the color you painted in me when you lost interest. It was the color of the heels I saw in front of our bedroom door.

It was my color when I saw you making another blue girl warm and I couldn't breathe. It was the color of my face when I couldn't stop the tears streaming down from my eyes.

It was the color of the sky before the gray clouds blocked them from my view when you walked out of our house. Blue was the color that came back and slowly took over my body when you left.

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