The Art of Nothing
The Art of Nothing unrequited love stories

xgelatinex Secretly writing about her feelings. Shh
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Love is confusing.

The Art of Nothing

I used to love walking by myself from school.

Now all I can think about is how you always chase after me when I walk home alone. I'd see you running towards me and the world slows down enough for me to catch up to its pace.

So slow that I'd be able to relish that look of pure ecstasy in your face upon seeing someone like me.

So agonisingly slow that I'd finally be able to look at you without worrying about me melting like freshly fallen snow on your palm.

You, brushing your fingers ever so slightly against mine when you catch up. My mind would picture you and I doing that simple gesture every chance we could.

A movie would play in my head where you and I are the leads to a tragic love story. Everything moves too fast.

I see you and I dressed for an occasion that we would be reminded of ever day with a ring on our finger. I see you and I sitting on a rocking chair, fingers intertwined, not a threat to let go.

Then you shake my world back to reality.

I'd be flustered and you'd ask me what's wrong. I'd say "nothing." and smile.

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