Poems in Shuffle
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Poems in Shuffle

Poems in Shuffle

#1 My hearts calls out for you to finish the duet it sings.

You are the only one I imagine singing all my favorite duets with.

#2A Your voice makes every inch of my thin music sheet body shudder and fly away in the wind.

#2B I can barely call my body a music sheet without you dragging your finger with ink on the tips all over my body.

Write your beautiful composition on me.

#3 I dance to your music even when I know it will never stop.

I dance and spin and dance and spin till my feet bleeds and even after that I still greet you with a smile on my sweaty face.

I still dance to the rhythm of your song wearing hot iron shoes.

#4 How can you be so cruel to alter every single word in the song I wrote for you, twist them in directions I can never dream of going?

#5 We make hundreds of songs out of our love story and yet we're still unable to sing a single one without the other being out of tune.

Without the other singing a completely different song.

#6 I'll let you play my heartstrings over and over until they snap and I'm unable to replace each one without the other snapping.

I will stand here playing my worn out instrument heart as I sing my unfinished duets.

#7 I dedicate this half a love song to the wind. Please carry them to the one who will finish this broken duet.

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