I used to have Dreams
I used to have Dreams unrequited love stories

xgelatinex Secretly writing about her feelings. Shh
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My fingers are pruned.

I used to have Dreams

The sound rain makes when they trickle down my bedroom window lull me to the long-awaited sleep I longed for during the day.

Dreaming is the boat I wait for at the dock and it only comes when you hold the oar. So tonight, I swim. Rain is the ocean of your affection that I swim in at night when I finally fall asleep.

I carry with me an empty bottle to hopefully bring back full when I wake up but it still always ends up empty. A wave drags me back to shore again where reality is patiently waiting for me.

I crawl towards him and I wrap my arms, weak from trying to stay afloat, around him and seek shelter. He says nothing but the sentence I've heard from him dozens of times.

"You never listen."

I wake up from the nightmare. My fingers are pruned.

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