A Mysterious Connection Chapter 3 Xero Sanity
A Mysterious Connection

Chapter 3

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This damn girl and her pretty face could be Ren's undoing...or will she be the one to succumb?

A Mysterious Connection Chapter 3 Xero Sanity

This energy… It was more intimate than touching her could ever be. "Don't be afraid, I feel it too," he whispered, letting her have this one piece of him.

That was the moment he was overcome. He was smitten. After this damn interrogation, he'd give her anything. He'd be anything she wanted. Guardian, comrade, lover… His fantasies were dashed in seconds.

There was a solid barrier in his path. It may as well have been made of stone, there was no penetrating it. He was stunned out of his dreamy reverie, powerless to do more than look upon her in astonishment and hurt.

He'd felt something. She'd felt it too. But she was choosing to ignore it, shutting him out. She'd put a barrier on her mind.

And suddenly she was pushing back.

No, he thought. She couldn't. She'd see his conflict, his isol-ation. How the light beckoned to him like the succubus it was.

He put forth more effort. He wasn't holding back now. He couldn't let her. But to his horror, he was still being pushed. His eyes widened in frustration as she grew in power.

She was stretching muscles she'd just discovered. There was an excess of energy hitting him so hard it was blinding.

He stretched his fingers till they were stiff as boards, desperate to stop this.

But despite his years of training and her ridiculous lack of experience, she was fighting him.

And she was winning.

He pleaded with her. Stop, he warned, breathing hard with effort. Her presence in his mind was subtle and soft, like a drop of rain against your skin. His instinct was to give in to it. Amplify these sensations and get swept into them.

He was frozen, helpless to do anything but push against her in vain. "You," she said in surprise, "You're afraid."

No, don't, he was screaming it, completely caught off guard by this invasion.

She was going to vocalize the fear he'd held inside him for the past decade. She couldn't. It wasn't fair. He hadn't even admitted to himself. It was the one lie he allowed himself to tell. The girl would tear him apart. Ruin him. Crush him. He begged her with his eyes, visibly straining against her. She said it anyway.

"That you'll never be as strong as Darth Vader!" He cut off the connection, withdrawing his arm and clutching it to his chest as if she'd burned him. He'd taken a few steps back, suddenly needing all the distance he could get from this girl. Kylo Ren's eyes were no doubt fearful, his whole body rattled. It was then he remembered he wasn't wearing his mask.

She saw it all. His shock and horror, the betrayal stamped on his face.

She hadn't looked away, as though she was reveling in her newfound power. She'd done the unforgivable. Put his vulnerability on display, triumphing in his weakness, reducing him to a hyperventilating mess, drops of sweat clinging to the back of his neck.

He should've been furious. He should've killed her right then and there. But all he could bring himself to feel was devastation and despair. It rolled off of him in waves as he slowly drowned in it.

She cleared her throat like she was embarrassed. "I t-told you to – "

The girl stopped dead when he shot her a glare from across the room, pooling and spilling over with an emotion she couldn't name.

She had an expression on her face like she felt somewhat regretful for doing this to him. But he blinked and all traces of it dissipated. "Keeping me here is a mistake," she said in monotone, lacking any emotion.

It infuriated him. "They'll come back for me," she said, but with more conviction this time. "And they'll come back with friends." How could she do that? Talk to him as though he were an adversary, like nothing had passed between them? Kylo Ren raised a hand and clenched his fist.

The restraints on her wrists and ankles popped open, allowing her to move freely. She immediately darted away from him to the other corner of the room. To her surprise, he'd made no move towards her. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying the distance. "You speak to me as though I'm an enemy," he stated flatly, voicing an unasked question, reluctantly making eye contact.

She scowled. "Why would you be anything otherwise?"

His eyes narrowed. He snapped.

The fuming man made it across the room in just a few long strides, inches from her face like he'd been before. She braced herself for another psychic attack, but it didn't come.

Instead, he only gazed into her eyes with that same intensity. "You don't have to trust me," he whispered, choosing his words carefully. "You don't have to like me."

She glared him down, refusing to show weakness. But her heart hammered in her chest at having someone so close to her. His breath tickled the tip of her nose. She was close enough to see the curve of his lashes, the reddish tint to his mouth.

He raised his hand, but only to gesture to the space between them, what little of it there was left. "But do not act as though there is nothing here," he said darkly. "Do not lie." Color rose to the girl's cheeks and her hands fidgeted with nervousness, but she didn't back down.

"The very least we can be to each other is honest," he stated as if he were scolding her. What did he mean, the very least they could be? Was he saying he wanted to be more? She didn't like him referring to them both as if they were a collective. They weren't to be grouped together as though they were friends.

She was speechless. "Of all the things I've done," he insisted, his voice soft but radiating emotion, "I've never deceived you." She had no logical way of knowing if this was a true statement, but there was nothing in his gaze to indicate that he was lying. "People don't mask themselves unless they have something to hide," she muttered.

Her counter statement was a small victory. Somehow, due to his close proximity, the gentleness of his voice, and the rawness of his emotions, Rey was frozen where she stood, despite being free. She was captivated, and at the same time outraged by this man. Any form of intelligible response to him was a miracle.

He swallowed, emotions exposed once again. "Do you see it now?" he asked, his eyes so stubborn and unwavering.

And just like that, she was back to square one. Rey was horrified to find she was short of breath, unable to look away from the dark brown of this man's eyes. He was drinking her in as though she were color or oxygen. It was bewitching.

She hadn't been expecting this from the monster. This…vulnerability, this blatant evidence of humanity and his struggle to fight it.

The battles he'd lost against it.

His eyes strayed from hers to look down at her mouth. It was so fast she could've missed it if she weren't paying attention. She bit down on her lip nervously in response. If he laid a hand on her…

She could tell he desperately wanted to. His lips were parted slightly as if the close proximity was affecting him just as much as her. The energy between them was an electric whirring buzz so breathtaking she could hear it. He could easily close the gap between them, crash his mouth against hers, sweep her up into his arms and have his way with her.

She could feel his want…his desire… He rose a gloved hand to her face. She flinched, gritting her teeth, expecting another invasion. But he simply brushed a finger over her cheek, letting the tip of one of his fingers rest on her bottom lip, where she'd bitten it.

The contact made her shudder and gasp with shock. She hadn't expected that. He hadn't done anything like this up until now. Color rose to her cheeks almost instantaneously. No one had treated her like this before.

His hand had cupped her face in a soft caress, the musky smell of the leather filling her nose and flooding her senses. Their eyes were locked. Despite the fact he'd kidnapped her and held her against her will, she didn't see hatred or darkness in his eyes.

Only this maddening fervor, a need to be close to her. As close as possible.

Without realizing it, Rey had been leaning forward slightly, the lids of her eyes half-lidded, almost feeling the tip of his nose against hers. She'd forgotten about the others. Finn, BB8, Han Solo and Moz...her mind was blank. But something in his eyes changed, like he'd just recalled something.

To her shock, he pulled away. The sudden loss of warmth and contact sent a shiver through her. Let free from the spell, she immediately looked down, closing her eyes and trying to shut out the feeling that had come over her.

But she found herself biting down on her lip because he hadn't, and her face was hot, warm from the echo of his soft glove against her skin. The tip of her tongue still tasted like leather. She'd breathed out with a heavy sigh. But it hadn't been one of relief, it was one of disappointment.

He'd withdrawn. And she was disappointed. She scowled at herself. Kylo Ren's mouth became a hard line, like he was trying to get rid of an impression or memory. "Damn Hux," he muttered under his breath.

The word was foreign to her. But it seemed like he was distracted by something. A matter he needed to address or a problem he needed to solve. Her thought process unraveled when he made eye contact with her again. With all the softness she'd found in his voice, he reached a hand up to brush a strand of hair out of her face, and place it behind her ear.

The girlish instincts that were surfacing only now screamed at her to lean into his warmth, and allow herself to be encompassed by his large, towering form. It was a physical effort to fight them. Almost harder than fighting him.

But after stroking her cheek one last time, he withdrew his hand and slowly lumbered over to make his exit. "I have no intention of harming you," he said flatly. He stepped towards the hanger door, typing in a code. Before stepping out of it he said over his shoulder with a wounded tone, "I'm the only one on this entire Base who can say that."

With those final words, he exited the cell, the electronic door slamming behind him, leaving Rey in the cold and silence.


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