A Mysterious Connection Chapter 1 XeroSanity
A Mysterious Connection

Chapter 1

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The Interrogation scene from Kylo's point of view. Rey's feelings toward the monster in the woods had been wrong. This monster had a soft voice, and chocolate brown eyes... Will be continued long after this scene.

A Mysterious Connection Chapter 1 XeroSanity

He hadn't wanted to restrain her.

But he saw the way she moved through the forest. Alert and aware, picking up every sound, every movement. She contained all the grace of a predator or exotic animal.

Her instincts were spot on and defensive. He wouldn't have been able to talk to her otherwise.

Though he shouldn't have, he took this rare opportunity to look at her, absorbing every detail like he was gulping down water.

Even with dirt smudged across her cheek, torn scavenger clothes and hair strewn about her face, she was a gravitational pull, the pout of her lips and the soft thump of her heart beat burning every inch of him as he had no choice but to fall into her orbit.

A lone piece of space debris, he longed to somehow make it past her atmosphere so he could be lonely with her too. He was sure she remembered him. Somewhere. In the deep recesses of her mind. But obviously not enough.

The image of her running and darting through the trees, desperate to get away from him, shooting at him with a blaster came to mind.

It was not how he pictured their reunion to be.

The dark knight gazed upon her sleeping form adoringly, aching to stroke her gentle face, or move a wisp of hair from her forehead, but he didn't dare. He couldn't let himself.

As his eyes moved up her body, past her shoulders and to her face, he noticed the line between her eyes. Even unconscious, her tension was visible. Her entire body was taut like a string, her brow furrowed and her jaw clenched. She was in agony.

He forced himself to turn away from her, clenching his fists shut at his sides. Freezing her body and putting her to sleep had been necessary. But…dwelling into her mind while she was unconscious…

His eyes wandered back to her face.

It felt dirty. Unfair. She was defenseless at the moment. He had multiple advantages over her. He wouldn't even be giving her a chance. But… Kylo straightened his shoulders, rearranging his face under the mask so he was the picture of calm and collected.

He stretched the energy field around him to merge with hers, until he'd established a link with her mind. Effortlessly he snuck past the walls she'd placed on herself. Not for defense against psychic attacks, but rather to protect herself from pain. He gritted his teeth at this realization.

Then scowled when he realized it bothered him.

Her emotions and thoughts were so vivid it was as though she was screaming them at him. She knew now she had a connection to the force. And it terrified her. She saw what people with the force could do…like him… The girl was afraid it was the reason her parents had left her behind.

Kylo was momentarily distracted by streams of water falling from her eyes.

He bit his tongue to keep from wiping them away, getting back to the task at hand. He watched the image play in her mind.

A ship disappearing into the blue sky of Jakku, a young girl crying out, begging for her family to come back. Years of loneliness and waiting…

Her body shook with anguish and exhaustion, tired of feeling this way. Tired of falling asleep and reliving these emotions over and over. It was such a strain…if only she could just sleep… She knew loneliness and abandonment. She knew it all too well.

Like him.

The dark knight froze as his heart pounded hard in his chest. It was as if he were watching his own memories. A young child, dumped by their parents, reaching for a future they couldn't have.

Her anxiety and isolation affected her so strongly it had manifested itself into a physical pain. A pain he could feel just by looking at her. He couldn't help himself.

The man clad in black lowered his hand so it was just inches above her face, palm downwards. For the first time in a while, he channeled the light.

He gave her visions of a blue ocean, sunny skies, soft, lush green grass. The salty smell of ocean air, the warmth of sunlight on her back. He gave her love and light and life, so that it flowed throughout her whole body.

The girl relaxed, peace overcoming her expression. Her arms and legs went limp, as she snuggled deeper into the seat, her breathing became even and deep, her chest falling and rising like the ocean waves. The sight made his heart ache.

It was unnerving.

Kylo Ren moved his hand away, carefully surveilling her dreams, making sure they didn't go back to a dark place. Though he desperately wanted to, he didn't wake her up.

Instead, he resigned to kneel at her feet, exercising the most patience he'd ever spent for the sake of another.

The girl he thought he'd lost was within arm's length. So close. He could count the freckles on her nose. But she may as well have been in another star system, for she remained untouchable. It made him miserable with weakness and frustration.

But she needed to trust him. He needed her to trust him. He'd waited this long...


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