You Make Me
You Make Me sex stories

xavi Trying to figure it out
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
So uh...def R rated...

You Make Me

You make me think some things that aren't that pure

Make me thinking that being between your legs are the only cure

I wanna make you cum every time we hit the floor

Cause I know if I do that you'll always be back for more

When I'm in between I don't just drive I soar

You know I lick the right spots tongue game is 4/4

And when you go down all I'm thinking about is filling up your pores

I'm tryna go deep, fill you up, you know to your core

Yeah I eat ass you know this sex ain't no bore

I'm tryna bend you over and fuck you like my whore

Yeah I know you like it, you be moaning, can hear you from next door

Then you hop on top and what else imma say but sure

Cause when you riding you get that look, like you know this dick is yours

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