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Malik Al-Sayf was involved in a serious traffic accident that killed his younger brother Kadar. He also lost his left arm. Somebody saved Malik but he doesn´t know who. Altair comes to visit him in hospital. It turns out, that Malik lost his memories and doesn´t know anymore, that Altair is his husband and who Altair is.


What, if we had the chance to go back in time? If we could fix all the things that we regret? If we could save a beloved person? Is there really something like the butterly-effect?

Where one flap of this little animal's wings causes a storm on the other side of the world? It has to be like this...

The splinters of glass flew through the air and shone in the sunlight like precious diamonds. Then and now the sunlight broke and it looked like a rainbow, cut into million pieces.

At the same time, thick, black smoke was rising and formed an extreme contrast to the celestial beauty of the sunlight, that found itself in the rain of glass.

The ground was flooded with pieces of metal in every form and size, partly dyed with the liquid of life.

In the middle of this shocking but also fascinating scene sat two young man, one escaped consciousness and was on his way to foreign lands,

the other one was still paralyzed by the sudden impact. He opened his eyes but everything he saw was smoke, glass splinters, metal and blood.

His mind was filled with pain as he tried to escape, to flee from the fire.

Blue flashing light added itself to the scenery and slowly his mind cleared up, the voices of other people were getting loud. The heat became more intense, his throat was burning.

A knight in white armour was coming through the fire and pushed away two uniformed men. The knight shone like a golden light, he banished darkness and chaos.

The young man felt that the knight carried him and took him to the healers, where he finally lost conciousness.

But the knight stood there and watched, how the body of the other man was covered with a tarp. Then he vanished.

As the young man woke up, he saw nothing but steril white and he didn't get, what happened.

He only felt that bittersweet feeling of the painkillers, which were flowing into his body through a thin tube.

But still, he felt that a part of him was missing, ripped out of him and he knew, that nothing in this world could fix his loss.

A woman in white was standing in front of him and called his name. "Mr. Al-Sayf?" That is his name. He tried to respond but his throat was still dry and in pain.

And then something else came to his mind. "Mr. Al-Sayf. You are in the hospital. You had a car accident. And because of that, you had bad injuries, your left arm was irreparable.

I am so sorry... But we had to amputate it.", the doctor said and looked at Malik Al-Sayf with slight sadness. "Kadar... My... Brother...", he said quietly, his voice sounding like sandpaper.

Then he looked to the left and his body started to tremble. His arm was gone! It was gone! Tears started to fill his eyes and he let out a cry. "Nooo.... Please... Noo..." Malik was broken.

His brother gone... And he himself was a cripple from now on. The doctor was talking about a prothesis but Malik wasn't listening anymore. He wanted to die.

A few days later Malik was still in hospital, his body slowly recovered, but his mind broken. He was depressed and also kinda salty. He just didn't understand, why they didn't let him die.

Why did the mysterious man save him? Just as he thought, he could jump out of the window to end his suffering, a doctor came in, with him a man in white hoodie and golden eyes. Malik shivered.

"Hello, Mr. Al-Sayf. You have a visitor. I will let you alone now.", the doctor said and went out of the room.

The man in white hoodie grabbed himself a chair and sat down. "Who are you?", Malik asked slight angrily. "Don't you remember me anymore? It's me. Altair.

", the man said and pulled back his hood. His blonde hair was now visible and Malik also noticed the scar that was going through Altairs Lips. That golden eyes and the sharp look...

"Malik? Look at me. Do you remember me?", Altair asked and Malik looked at him. "No, why would i?! I don't know you! Get the fuck outta here! NOW!", Malik demanded loudly.

Altair got tears in his eyes. "I am your husband! Please, you have to remember! You... You coudn't have forget that...", he said and grabbed Maliks hand softly. Then he saw it.

There was a golden ring... He was married? No! This was not possible...

"Let go of me! Who are you, coming in and saying, you are my husband?! I am not even married!", Malik scowled and pulled his hand away from Altairs. Altair was in tears. "Please... Malik....

Come back to me..."

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