Soulmate or soulmates?
Soulmate or soulmates? question stories

xael Be the glimmer of hope
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Had this conversation with a close friend but eventually we agreed on one thing :)
art from my friend, @mahryeet in instagram!

Soulmate or soulmates?

I've always wonder

Do we have 1 soulmate per life?

And if that's the case

If that's the case What if the destined one meet an unfortunate death?

Does it all end for the other? or another soulmate appears?

I am

I am curious.

What if we die just as we meet our soulmate?

What if we die and never meet our soulmate?

What if we meet them and they die right in front of our eyes?

so many

so many unanswered question

and thus

I believe we have more than one soulmate

maybe the next life We will finally be together.

. . .

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