Lust for possesion
Lust for possesion mood stories

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Lust for possesion

Away from the darkness Away from the pain Away from the misery Away from the burden of life Away from the fear Away from everything that surrounds you every day You come here

And greedily absorb the sweet taste of life as if it were your last time. Feel blood boiling in your veins Feel the way you become wild You're on this path,you're in

I held a breath but my heart thudding Time slowed down as you were walking around to get everything you need, you were quiet so long Your weakness , your impatience are above all else. There's nothing to stop you

Now the whole world is at your feet but you're an actor in the same theater, an actor in the same role. One small role of your life You couldn't get enough of it Running away from everything you hurt yourself instead Running away from everything You lead yourself to a dead end

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