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For those of you who don't know us(which is like everyone on Commaful) we are Tdog16, ivoryannalise, and potatoesarefab.

We are all apart of the Commabassador team, a group of people that help make the community a more welcoming place:D

This account is run by us 3 individuals. It's an account in which we can run the WWWawards, the Weekly Writing Winner Awards(I know it's a lame name but hey I came up with it).

For those of you who are like, "what is the Weekly Write W award thingy?" Be patient the story is not done!

The WWWawards are weekly awards given out to the Story of the Week and the Creator of the Week.

For those of you who are like "Shut up and tell me how to win" don't worry!

Every week we post the winners and why they won. You can use those stories as references in advancing your writing to its fullest potential!

For those of you who are like "Why am I even still reading this? This W-thing sounds lame" shut up.

The WWWawards is something that you have no choice in. We look at every story in order to be fair. So whether you like it or not when you post a story it's entered:)

Plus the WWWawards gives ya'll a chance at more followers by being given a shout out on here and all of Commaful's social media platforms. That is if you win😏

We have already had two weeks of the WWWawards! You can check out the previous winners on the Comma account! (*Note* new winners will be posted on here from now on)

So write more! Every story counts!

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