Story of the Week #22
Story of the Week #22 madamguillotine stories

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Be sure to check out this great story!

Story of the Week #22

Is this thing on? Oh hey! @rockraccoon here, but you can call my whatever you want. (As long as it isn't something like couch.)

This week's my first week, so let's start this thing off right!

As I was reading through some of the new stories this week, a name popped out so I checked the story out.

This story kept me reading, and brought up so many (good) questions after reading it.

They did a really good job at personification, and allowed my mind to escape after school brain and think.

So what is the story of the week?

It's this one! Okay, okay, just kidding.

The story of the week is "Think of the Moon" by @madamguillotine.

Congratulations! You've created a great story!

Make sure to tune in next week for the book that someone on our team picks out, same book time, same book channel.

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