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What is success to you

Goals and Success

Growing up I've always been told I must set high goals to be successful, and I listened.

I studied every day worked hard, was quiet and shy, never really questioned the idea.

One day I was bullied by some people I considered "friends" who really just made fun of me.

I was trying to fit in, not be your stereotypical Indian nerd growing up in America.

My parents had set goals for me to get into great colleges and society set goals for me to be more like everyone else.

I followed these goals blindly for years, trying to act like everyone else study hard to get into Harvard and Stanford.

I never told anyone about how it was hard to continue this. I got judged every day based on my grades, seeing people I know go to Stanford led to harder and harsher standards.

I didn't see it then, but mentally I was breaking down, I started to gain trust issues, anxiety, and depression. On top of all of that, I had to deal with my ADHD.

I kept on setting higher goals and expectations that I knew were unrealistic to be more successful.

As I entered high school it got worse, everyone around me would gossip about me knowing that I could hear them.

I was losing my mind thinking about suicide and a way to get away from all this trouble.

The only thing that saved me was not my parents or my friends, but someone who knew what I was going through saw through me and helped me.

That man was my uncle, he explained to me that success is not based on money and power, but on how you live your life.

He didn't tell me to stop going to school and not care, but to balance my life.

I had never been told that my entire life, to have fun and enjoy life before I grew up.

I had never realized that my goals were to be set by me and not everyone around me.

He explained to my parents what they should do, and they listened.

After so many years of being chained to living to become better instead of enjoying life was over.

Now you may be wondering how this applies to the ideas of goals and success.

My question to you is how do you set your goals in life and what do you think being successful means.

Just listen to this and follow your heart, your dreams, and your passions, don't let anyone stop you from becoming what you want.

I have followed these words: Live life in the present, not the future, enjoy every precious moment that passes by.

The future is never guaranteed so enjoy the present and your life while you have it.

Success in life, in my eyes, is happiness, if it caused by having friends playing video games, or whatever you want to do.

Goals in life are meant to be set by you, things you want to accomplish, reach those goals, better never put them out too far.

Some advice given to me by my PE teacher, "Be a kid until you get to college, enjoy the present, be a kid nad never forget to make mistakes, and pick yourself up."

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