Goals and Life
Goals and Life 
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wutangjr Community member
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What are your goals?

Goals and Life

I’ve always been told, set your goals high become successful so that you can be happy later.

I’ve always been taught that I should do great in school to have a better future, but where does that end?

I see people that are never happy always trying to reach new goals. They are never happy with life.

I don’t want to end up in their situation.

Everyone around me has big goals that I support, but what am I meant to say.

You got to live life in the now.

The future is later enjoy now, cause when you continue setting goals you may never be happy. You may never be fulfilled.

You may set goals, but learn to live a little. Grow as a person.

The future isn’t always guaranteed so don’t regret not doing the things that you wanted.

It’s your life not anyone else’s so live life your way and enjoy spending it with friends, families. Doing the things you love.

Life can change in the moment so don’t let it pass you by.

I’m, not saying goals are bad, cause without them where would we be, but everything you do must be for you and not always your goals or the ones set for you.

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