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What goes through my head.

Deep Thoughts

Go to school first day of high school.

Bright and early, excited to grow up.

Day one goes by.

New friends are made, old friends are met.

Weeks pass, still no end.

You see the problems, no solution to be seen.

New struggles set in, social media takes over your life,

Depression kicks in.

Grades hang over your head.

Am I still not a kid?

Life seems to slow down, world pushes against you

Hanging on a thread you meet “true” friends, you push through,

Freshman year done, and life moves on.

Another year of high school.

What challenges await?

What new puzzle, problem, or drama?

Losing your sanity.

Losing your life to society and strife .

Losing everyone you find near and dear.

Seeing fake “friends” in their true light, seeing life in a new light.

So young, yet so lost.

Days feel like months, you see problems arise.

Depression sets in again, no break.

Once again lost, nowhere to go,

Leaving all of it behind, suicidal thoughts kick in.

No light at the end.

Society not caring, not helping, the world fights against you

Just hurting, some more pain.

Fake friends back stab you, what can you do?

What else is there?

Society wastes life, and life wastes you, and life moves on.

You look for some help, some answers, but no one is there.

What can you do?

What shall you say?

Where will you go?

How do you stop the pain?

How do you end the suffering?

Your thoughts turn dark, your parents wonder why, can’t tell them. must hide, and life moves on.

Wondering the meaning of your life.

Pondering what life means.

Is your life truly yours, or is it someone else’s?

What is the confusion?

Where did all this come from?

When will it end?

What happened to the days, the days where you could be special, the days that you could be you,

Those days when you were a kid, no care in sight.

Can’t we just enjoy life.

What happened to those days, when life was bliss, life was great, life was free, and life moved on.

Those days long lost, filled by hate, filled by a void, we call life.

Filled with enemies,

Loss of power in your life, friends break up.

Lies are spread, more drama afoot.

New problems created.

You think I’m still young?

What happened?

I still can have hope right?

Crushed and defeated, trapped by society, but life still moves on.

How do we escape?

How do we run?

From the problems we all face.

Problems catch up..

Society runs us all.

Society defines us all.

Can life move on?

Yet at that moment you realize, no one can judge you, no one should judge you.

Society doesn’t define you, you are yourself, you are you.

Special in your own way, different from the normal, better than the society around you.

Better than the world and all of the drama that comes with it.

You find your group, you help others.

You fight society, you don't let the conceded world depict you, and life can finally move on.

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