What You Wanted

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When you realize that the one you love has their eyes set higher.

What You Wanted

by wulfish

I don't remember how the topic came up

What would make the dream partner?

It was a gathering of friends

But all other sound bypassed my ears

I listened with intent I wanted to be, everything you named


At times I can falter but I will try harder


I can't say I am fearless But isn't the greatest bravery Admitting your fears?


I am no Olympic diver But if I cut out the junk food Workout every once in a while



Loves kids?

Slowly the list got longer

Full of puzzle pieces

I just cannot fit

Perfect smile?

Emotionally secure?

Suddenly this had become

The list the things I am not

Maybe that should of been

The first red flag

That you were aiming for the stars

I was just some place to pass the time

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