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Thoughts on a never ending break up.

The Siren

by wulfish

I never understood

The futility of the musicians on the titanic

Continuing to play, as their world came to an end

Theme music to the damned

Until I joined them

They say that love is blind

Then I am love's poster child.

Blindfolded on the stage

As a young William Tell takes aim

Though I am not even sure

It’s the apple you aim at anymore

Your beautiful arrows,

Aimed at my chest.

“Just give me one more chance”

“Remember when we were happy?”

"I still love you."

Slice through my skin

Like the frog in Biology class

Splayed and pinned,

For all the world to see.

Telling my friends at the pond:

“Its okay. This time it will work out" "They still love me" "They need me" "You just don't see them like I do."

Even now, as I write this

My thoughts rail at changing the ending. To find the light, the chance this might all work out.

Despite every ounce of reality

On and on I play my role

The musician on the sinking ship

A siren, inviting death aboard

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