Letters to my younger self
Letters to my younger self depression-letters-poetry-mental_health stories
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Letters to my future self. What I really wish I knew back then.

Letters to my younger self

by wulfish

I know, right now, it feels like everything is broken

The first one you ever fell for Wrapped warmly in another’s embrace

I know what hurts the worst

Is seeing just how happy she is without you

Feeling like you both raced toward the distant cliffs And just as your wheel passed the edge You looked back to see her stopping

Choosing the stability of land

Stability you know you could never provide her

One day you will make a list

Of everything a dream partner is

Only to realize That list describes yourself

The ones you call friends

Are lies you’ve told yourself so many times

You have begun to believe them as truth

Merely Stockholm syndrome fueled nightmares Waiting for an angle to exploit

I think you know this more than you are willing to admit

One day you will find friends

As in people that value your opinion

Lift you up rather than constantly putting you down

It may take longer than it seems like it should

But one day you will find your place

You are not your father

Doomed to follow in his footsteps Too drunk, too busy, too distant To care

No matter what anyone says

Listen to the voice inside you

The one that speaks when the ripples in your mind are calm

Family are not the only people

That will support you when you’re down

Unconditional love is not exclusive to sharing DNA

Nor is it even guaranteed

One day you will find they were wrong

When they said you'd be sorry you stopped talking to him.

When your Father passed away

When you take the easiest breath you can remember.

I saved this for last

Because it might be the hardest to read

I know that anger feels empowering.

To give in to that feeling

A siren on the rocky shores

It's flame so warm and inviting

It offers your greatest desire In exchange for your control

Every inch you give it It exploits for more

Until you can’t even remember Why you’re angry anymore

The feeling is so exciting

It is also short lived

Leaving you in a lovers nest

Discarded emotions strewn about Like clothing after a one night stand

I want you to know

That while this feeling may never completely leave

One day it will have a name

You will develop tools to combat it

Until all that remains is a simple flame

Venerable to the winds or fuel

Depending on which you decide to give it

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