The Unspoken Words of an Achiever
The Unspoken Words of an Achiever thoughts stories

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Did you ever think of giving up in life? Well here is an achiever's smart insight about giving up. I hope you will support my first work. I am just new here. Spread love!

The Unspoken Words of an Achiever

My friends always thought that I am smart. My teachers are proud of me because I am responsible.

My relatives are happy for me because of my achievements but my parents judge me because of my mistakes.

Don't misunderstood the things that I just said. Please understand it and read until the end.

I grew up living in everyone's expectation. I am the person everyone wants me to be.

I became the top of the class and received different achievements but as I look at it at the end of the day, I am not happy with myself.

Whenever I come home, my parents will be asking my scores. If it is not perfect, I should be ready for scolding. I am always compared to other people.

It hurts but I still try not to cry in front of them.

My bedroom, my diary, and my books are my best friends. They are the ones who know the real me.

They know my weaknesses and my deepest thoughts but most of all, they are always there when I needed them most.

You see, I do not really have friends to depend on. My parents choose my friends. They should be rich, smart, and the most important of all, my friends should have a really good reputation.

Giving up is always in my mind but as I think deeper, I know that this shouldn't be recognized. I want people to realize that giving up in life is not wise to do.

We all experience problems in different ways. Let us make this our motivation to succeed in life because the best part of having problems is learning and overcoming from it.

We can all become achievers in different ways but no through giving up.

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