Raised by Sis. A fictional submission on "Sis" By Brad Baker

Raised by Sis.

A fictional submission on "Sis" By Brad Baker sister stories

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"Words are important, but actions more so."
My entry for "Sis"

Raised by Sis. A fictional submission on "Sis" By Brad Baker

"Hurry up." I urged.

My sister raised me. She was there when no one else was. "You have to express your desires clearly, and if you can do so politely it will help."

"I mean, please." I said, sighing. "I know this is stressful, but I really need you to hurry up."

I guess you could say I was one of the lucky ones. The world could have burned around me, but when it really mattered I knew who I could count on. "Also, no half measures."

"If you're going to do something, do it." Jill's biggest lesson, or the one she stressed the most, was about coming through even when you didn't think it mattered.

It usually mattered to someone.

"So listen, there might be a hiccup with the exit." Mark had said, trying his best not to anger me. "The parade is tomorrow, but there's a strong chance for severe storms. They might cancel on us."

"We can't afford to reschedule." I said. "It happens tomorrow."

My sister gave me all the love I never got from my dad, the worthless shit bag. "You know I got you, right?" She'd said more times than I could count.

"Yes, Jill, I know." I said, grumbling through teenage angst.

"I'll always be there for you." She'd hugged me so hard that I couldn't breathe for a second after her embrace.

"Is that all?" I looked into my bag, slightly disappointed. Jill always taught me to be thankful for what I had, but Jill wasn't around anymore. The drunk driver had seen to that.

"You okay, man?" Mark asked.

"Yeah I just thought there'd be more." I admitted, closing the small bag in my fist.

"I'll be home at eleven, not a minute later." Jill had said. I looked again at the clock. She was already three hours late.

"Where is she?" Jill always kept her word. That was one of her greatest strengths. If she said it, it was so.

They found her. Her blood toxicity had been three times the legal limit. There wasn't much to bury.

"Remain calm, sir and don't get it in your head to be a hero." The security guard was stirring finally. Mark had clocked him one for the ages.

"No! Don't!" I fired once and fought through the recoil. I'd never fired a real gun before. I'd never killed anyone either. Today was a day for firsts.

"Come on man, we gotta go!" Mark was on the verge of crying. The tellers already were. They didn't sign up for this. No one did.

I watched in horror as the black sky opened up. The torrential rains matched well with my dark mood and would do well to wash away my own tears.

I finally heard the deafening sirens and knew my life was over.

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