How to Fix a Broken Angel By Brad Baker
How to Fix a Broken Angel

By Brad Baker growth stories

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For the men and women trying to fix what someone else broke.
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How to Fix a Broken Angel By Brad Baker

How do you fix what someone else broke?

How do you heal the damage done?

How do you show someone love if they've never felt it?

The answer is both simple and incredibly complicated.

Think of something broken that can be fixed easily with glue. The pieces come together, hopefully fitting perfectly, and are sealed with said glue. Think of yourself as the glue.

Then ask yourself one question. Does the glue fix it? No. Think about it. The glue is there to fix, yes, but imagine laying even the most powerful glue next to the most easily fixable object.

Alright, walk away. Come back in a couple hours and you find no change.

The reason, and I know this is going to sound too obvious, is that the glue cannot work by itself. Someone needs to apply that glue. You are that glue.

You hold them in place, you heal what you can and you give them the love they need to grow whole, but you cannot make them heal. They have to pull their pieces together and wait.

Don't blame yourself if the pieces come apart again. Don't be mad if it looks like what you do isn't working.

It is.

Your only job is to be there and to give the love and support they require. Someone else broke them, and that's not your fault, but you also can't expect quick results.

Be the light, be the love, and let them grow and blossom into the rose they are meant to be. Let your Angel's wings heal.

I love my broken woman, and I'll give her a thousand years of love in a day if it means seeing a smile on her face.

She will heal, in time, I just have to be patient.

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