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Of course there's a reason to anyone of them talking

Internet Friends

People are strange beings. Not the kind I know or like, the kind seemingly unavailable to me so I'm unavailable to them.

Not picking up the phone because as soon as they call they come over and tell me what I should or shouldn't do. Even better, they show me what they are and how I should then copy them.

Over and over again they have advice.... always with everything, every conversation they specialize in getting to me, or getting their message across.

I have to hear everything they say as they scream it about 1 feet away from everything I know as myself. Although I, myself, whisper. Because, frankly...

there really isn't that much importance in either my message or theirs. Still, I talk so they know I'm here and can sleep again, just for another day.

I've heard enough of everything to know it's all kind of fake. Or fake enough to ignore. Including and especially of course what I tell myself. I am weird, at least that's working.

At least show me what you think, not what you think you should think. Or what you know you should think. Don't tell me what you shouldn't do, but do the things forbidden. The kind laying around that no one wants to pick up.

There is enough energy to be wasted in any case

At least decline before you get better, to insane before you get out into the wild, inauthentic online wasteland we could better describe as a hunting ground before anything else.

No, I indeed don't have a better way to live,

Or something else in return for every last bit of interesting information out there that is also screaming with a false kind of liking towards attention.

And if it doesn't get it, it will turn and return as something totally sold out. Rewritten with the purpose of reselling it to the most people.

We are all sold out now, enjoying only a shell of what we used to be. At least that's empty.

Those who can only copy-paste because that was about 100% of all of their education. At least all of them are distant enough to no longer hear or see. Talking about a way out of here? Simple...

Treat them all as your friend. They sound familiar. Save them in your phone and delete every last second of information you never needed in the first place. You now know when and how to get rid of them.

Only yourself, the last class-clown, to follow them.

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