Large Embers, A dungeons and dragons backstory.(Part 1)
Large Embers, A dungeons and dragons backstory.(Part 1) fantasy stories

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The Beginning of the backstory of Vaan! Part one of five. Vaan has been through his fair share of experiences, however this was the beginning before Vaan decided on his path become an adventurer. This takes place within a ten year span before our dnd campaign Brime!

Large Embers, A dungeons and dragons backstory.(Part 1)

I was awoken by screams. Not the usual of drunken cheer, or noises of other nightly tasks. It was one filled with horror and pain.

I shoved off the small cot I was resting in, my bare green feet hitting the treated wood of one of the many caravans that acted as a store house or sleeping quarters.

I slipped my feet quickly into some leather boots, given to me recently for my my anniversary of joining the the caravan, and pulled on a simple white shirt.

I thanked the universe for providing the foresight of wearing my animal hide pants with a pocket for the small knife I carried,

and I rushed to the door and caught a glimpse out the small circular window that froze my blood.

Flames licked the other caravans, some already burned to ash, and I saw people running.

I was about to join them when I noticed as if the flames almost came alive, and seemingly reached out quite unnaturally as they grab people and pull them into the flames.

They were gone in moments. I push at the door to open it, and then shoved. The door wouldn't budge.

I walked back a few steps, and threw my orcish weight behind my shoulder, and heard the door groan. I repeated the charge once. Twice.

With the Third the door splintered, and my momentum carried me through and I fell to the bottom of the steps.

I grunted as I felt the air forced out of my lungs, and took a second to gather my breath.

The smoke above was dense covering where the night sky and stars would be shining. I coughed a bit as I pushed myself myself up of the ground, and frantically try to gather my surroundings.

Some of the wizards and mages part of our group were holding back some of the flames with there magic, a few were grabbed and devoured by what seemed to be the living flames.

Some of the performers were pulling people up of the ground as they ran away from the center of the group of Caravans, Mainly where the leader of the caravan Kaid was usually found at.

Before I knew it I was in a full sprint toward the center of it all. I heard a warning call from Reave, A talented healer who was helping wounded out of the encampment, but I ignored it.

I saw Flick getting some of the caravans animals into the forest, and the older woman yelled after me, but I ignore that as well.

The Flames began to get worse, I barely managed to slip between most of the them as they tried to reach out and grab me. The smoke was so dense, that it clouded my vision and stung my eyes.

I heard Kaid yell something, but then I was lifted in the air by my throat. At the other end was a arm out stretched, but covered.

The smoke concealed almost everything, and I felt as if fire had started inside my throat. I screamed. It was so intense that I knew that I wouldn't be conscious for long.

So I grabbed the small knife I carried and I jabbed it into the shoulder of the figure who was holding me up. I was released, and fell to the ground.

As my vision started to grow dark I saw the knife fall to the ground and then the figured just disappeared.

The pain was intense and I heard a roar overhead. I Tried to turn over onto my back to catch a glimpse at what it was, but I had no movement in my arms and legs.

The smoke continued to smother me, and I coughed, tasting copper. I passed out then.

I don't know how long I was out, but I felt hands on me, and then I felt a surge of alertness and energy shot through me.

My eyes shot open, and I realized I was on my back, as I took the dark clouded sky above me.

Then to the left of me was a older human man, eyes closed and muttering as his hands glowed with a bright blue light. Behind him was a well muscled elven woman, and a shrouded figure.

I felt panic as I tried to push myself away, and then felt a hand on my shoulder as the human looked at me with a smile on his face.

“Calm down, we won't harm you.” He was kind, and offered his Waterskin to me, and I sat up and as I nodded to them and accepted it. “ Can you tell us what happened here?”

I took a sip of water and realized how much copper and ash I tasted. I swigged and spit out the taste in my mouth, and on the second attempt had a lot less ash and copper taste to it.

After a few mouthfuls, I began to talk...

Or I wished I began to talk. I tried to talk, but began to coughing.

The Elven woman got a worried expression on her face as the man muttered a curse and held out his hands and his hands started to glow again.

After my coughing fit, the man had a sadden look on his face. “I'm sorry to say lad, but whatever transpired here seems to have robbed you of the ability to speak.”

Strangely, I just felt numb. I lost everything. What it matter about my voice?

The older man helped me up, and I got a look at him. He wore traveling gear, a golden chain necklace, with a small emblem hanging from it.

He had dusting of silver in his blonde hair, and I saw he was covered in soot. A dull feeling of sickness surfaced, but wasn't very strong.

I began to look around, and it was just a blacken field, with piles of ashes everywhere. My knees shook but I gritted my teeth and took it in.

It was a sort of disbelief to it, mainly I survived, and have no clue how. I felt something burn in my stomach, and it was a such a strong anger that I didn't know what to do.

The elven woman turned to the cloaked figure, and I saw a a long smooth red tail, and understood that it was a tiefling.

The elf had a large great sword strapped to her back, and the tiefling seemed to have whatever they carried concealed very well.

The man popped into my vision again and looked up at me and gave me a small sad smile.

“ Lets not talk about this right now, I think we can figure out what happened, this place reeks of magic energy, but your probably in shock.

” I glared at the man and shook my head, and he sighed, “Do you realize, you have tears running down your face? Your in shock.

” I quickly scrubbed at my face and eyes and felt wetness on my cheek. I paused and my body just seemed finally adjust to the situation around me.

I fell forward and as I was raked with such a strong despair and rage I pounded my fist in to the ground and tried yell.

A violet coughing fit racked my body as The man placed his hands on the back of my neck and I felt his energy flow into me once more.

After catching my breath, I looked at self and realized that none of my clothing was burned, however my knife had disappeared.

I frantically looked for it, but the man put a firm hand on my shoulder.

“Easy orc,” I glared at him, and he backed up slightly, and had the courtesy to at least look sheepish, “Sorry, I meant no offense.” I sighed and slumped back and looked around once more.

Everything still gone. No one from the caravan. Even my voice has left me.

“Well can you read to and write?

” I slowly looked at the man, and some on my face must have made him embarrassed for asking a stupidly brazen question, cause he reddened, “Sorry, but I might have something that might help.

He reached into the bag that he had sat next to him and fumbled around for a bit, and pulled out a small satchel. He opened that and pulled out a bright blue quill, that seem to glow slightly.

He held it to me and I look at it questioningly, and the man sighed. “Its a magical Item that with at least help you with communication.

I haven't attuned with it, and I can help you attune with it.”

I reached out and gently plucked it from his hand and held it like I was going right with it. I felt a pulse a magic from it as I shuttered.

The mages and wizards I traveled with told me that different magic has different feels to it, but since I never studied it I wouldn't really understand it much.

They were right, but it felt comfortable though. After a few seconds I felt something within myself almost sync with it, and the man held out his hands and closed his eyes in concentration.

Moments later the quill had bits of dark green in it, and the man smiled, “There is attuned with you.

” I gave a puzzling look and the man just nodded toward the quill, “Write something in the air.”

I rolled my eyes and began to 'write' in midair. What a odd man.

However, I did write. I Wrote the word ash in midair, and looked at it for a moment. Suddenly I felt my chest heave, and I then began to cry without abandon.

The human man held me as I cried, and my head fell into his shoulder. I felt to much then, to truly understand all the emotions flowing through me. I just cried that day, cause I had lost.

I lost so much. Family. Friends. Memories and possessions. All burned away. All that was left was these large embers.

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