Window Sill
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The window stood open and all I had to do was jump.

Window Sill

The window stood open and all I had to do was jump. He was going to be here at any second. Down the hall I heard another apartment door screech on its hinges before it slammed on the wall.

Then, my world was filled with the screams of my poor neighbors until there was only silence that hung in the air so thick I could hardly breath.

Looking down from the ledge that sat 4 stories above the frozen concrete.

Jumping is better then what would happen to me if I don't, but still I sat on the window sill paralized at the thought of the fall.

Another, slam this time right outside, I was next. A baby started crying while it's mother screamed her lungs through. Until, the only sound was my heart pounding a hole through my chest.

Bang! The door to my apartment flung towards me and I caught only a glimpse of the mask that hid the face of a monster and the glint off the weapon he gripped as I began my fall.

Down and down I fell, the world a blur till suddenly it stopped.

I looked at the stars above as the crimson halo spread around my head. I couldn't hold back my laughter, escape was my only and last choice.

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