Truth Be Told
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Acknowledging the truth is only hard if you live in a web of lies and I lived among the spiders.

Truth Be Told

Acknowledging the truth is only hard if you live in a web of lies and I lived among the spiders. The parents who raised me told me I was special and I never understood how right they were.

As I was wandering the streets of Venice I came upon a man seated reading the newspaper at a table in a quaint cafe. I nearly passed him until I noticed my face plastered on the front.

I approached him and asked,"What is that paper about?" He was visually confused, so I asked him again this time in Italian.

"I understood you the first time ma'am, but you have been missing, your parents are looking for you."I could tell he was searching for authority to help.

It took my mind a moment to register what he had said to me. I had never been missing and I was born in Australia not Italy.

My mind was racing with crazy ideas, maybe he was telling the truth and my parents took me before I can remember or I was drugged and can't remember.

Then I broke out of my thoughts and realized I was being surrounded by the encroaching crowd. Police and civilians were starting to move closer to me, so I ran.

It felt like I was running 100 mph as my feet carried me quickly away towards a nearby alley.

I sat down in the all encompassing darkness while I caught my breath and pondered the possible explanations for my situation. Then, my mind came upon a grand idea.

I decided to call my mother and get information straight from the horse's mouth.

"Where have you been?"

"I'm in Italy mom. Why is my face in the newspaper?" I wept,"It said I was missing. Mom, what happened to me."

Suddenly a man dropped my phone and ran down street after endless street. No one was around to help as my feet pounded on the pavement, I screamed for help.

Until I took a sudden turn and fell into the icy depths of the Venice canals. I struggled against the water, but my body gave up and so did I.

Later I woke up in my hotel room no memory of anything that happened since I arrived in Italy. I felt a low rumble in my stomach and went to a nearby cafe for something to eat.

When I arrived I noticed something strange on the newspaper.

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