My Apologies
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Write a paragraph where a character apologizes without using the words 'apologize', 'regret', or 'sorry'.

My Apologies

"Oh my love, how could this happen to someone as bright as you,"he lightly rested his hands in her icy palms,"This is all my fault I never should have left you to yourself,

not even for a moment.

I should have been a better man for you, I was too much like my father," tears rolled down his once beautiful face to the sterile sheets where she now lay,

"Your mother said she was just around the corner, she was going to watch you, why was she late?

"he stared at her face still as if she was only asleep, why couldn't she just be asleep,"I shouldn't have let her pull me away,

but she was as scared as I was and at eight years our daughter needed me...

she needed you," his sadness slowly shifted to anger," Where did you choose to go? Is it better there? Are you happy? Why did you leave me?"

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