Best friend Crush!

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if you want me to make more of this tiny story tell me

Best friend Crush!

Sweat dripped down the back of my neck, my blonde hair stuck to my shoulders. The swing and the wind was not working while i swung higher to get some kind of coolness, sunshine flared at me and my best friend Cory. Sweat dripped down his face and he rubbed it away.

"Can we go inside now", he whines at me with pleading eyes, "fine", I cry dragging my feet through the brown grass to stop the swing. "Finally", he says brushing loose jet black hair out of his jade green eyes. we sprinted to our tiny tree house filled with iced caprisuns in a small fridge.

we filed in and sat on the coushined bench, i sat up to get the caprisuns. Sun glistened through the tiny window above the door. "So Amelia", started Cory his face a bright red "Here", I say shoving a caprisun in his face. "He couldn't be blushing no one like's me", I scream in my head. He looked at me questioningly looked me up and down then sighed

he sipped his drink then turned to me his face red again "i-", he began but i stopped him in his tracks "you ever wonder what snow looks like", I blurted, Cory looked at me annoyingly "I don't know", muttered cory looking down at his favorite navy blue shoes. "oh come on that's all I get?', I ask with a glare. He looks at me up and down again," kids at school say its cold", says cory

his eyes big with wonder. Thunder rumbled the sky. "how did the sky turn from sunshine to Darkness?", Questioned corey staring out the window by the tiny door. "Oh I don't know", I say smiling at him sheepishly. "okay so i was gonna say earlier was um.", he starts his face a bright red. "maybe we should go inside, it looks like its gonna rain", I say looking away from his red face

maybe his just sick or something I should ask him. "hey are you sick your all red?", I ask him turning around to face him. he turns around and his eyes are bulging from head, Rain started to fall so i guess that meant we were stuck in the tree house. " HONEY COME INSIDE!", yelled my mother from the house

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