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writinbluesJust another white boy playin' the blues
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Text message from her biggest fan...

Your Biggest Fan

by writinblues

Unknown: Hi Julia, how was your shower?

Julia: Who is this?

Unknown: A steamy bathroom in a luxury apartment, all to yourself.

Unknown: Belle Vue Heights, I bet the views are great?

Julia: How did you get this number?

Unknown: I'll tell you when I get there.

Julia: What do you mean?

Unknown: We need to talk, about you ignoring me.

Julia: Wait. What?

Unknown: You didn’t reply to any of my letters.

Julia: I don't understand. WHO ARE YOU?

Julia: How the hell do you know where I live?

Unknown: I’m your biggest fan, I’ve seen all your films.

Julia: I'm calling security.

Unknown: Too late. I’m in your personal elevator.

Julia: I’m calling the police.

Unknown: Going up.

Julia: Please, you’re scaring me!!!

Unknown: I hate being ignored.

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