Hand to my chest; hold me down.
Hand to my chest;  hold me down. poem stories

writewrity Community member
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I can't stand my anger towards things that are not under my control right now.

Hand to my chest; hold me down.

You said so yourself; I like it!

Keep pushing! Do not let me go.

Don’t let me go!

My bare hands are tied

Thank God.

Your voice is echoing louder than mine Thank God.

My throat too tight on this table to open up,

stand high on the podium they hold on their backs their feet on top of me

I’ll make you higher than ever when you sit on my head,

laid down on the ground with a bullet in You know it.

Don’t let me go.

If you do, Pray to God.

For now,

Thank God i’m not free. Someday i’ll be,

and pray to God that you can still go up that podium

higher than me. higher than me.

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