We were Villains (weep for me)
We were Villains  (weep for me) mordred stories

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A story for Mordred's granddaughter.

Takes place BEFORE : forgive me

Destiny is something you can change with your choices. Fate is set in stone.

Also sorry for the format ... I tried to make it as easy as possible for the human eye.

We were Villains (weep for me)

The sky asunder . I watched.

Watched as the world burned , as the people below witnessed us take our throne.

I scream now, as we take the poisoned fruit.

This burden I carry nought , if fate hadn't chosen me that night.

My hands wouldn't have been the one to be stained, my name no longer branded as the one of a murderer.

It was your fate , they say


Fate is a cruel mistress. she doesn't heed the cries of the ones she chooses. the cries of mercy.

She shushes them with false promises of glory, fame and happiness.

Her chosen consoled, don't realise that her words are that of a sirens song

The jewelry that was given to them : shackles

Follow your destiny they say.


Destiny is weak compared to Fate.

Lagging behind each and every step of that fiend, forced to bend to a will of steel.

Orders flung at them every second.


Destiny is weak yet they are not powerless

Fate's chosen ones call out to them in their cage, hoping.

After all Fate has an iron hold but water can destroy even the most strong unbeknownst.

Destiny comes back and forth bringing tidbits of hope.

Stories of love.

Of happiness

Of a world the chosen ones have really never known.

For Fate claimed them early, when they were young and foolish

When they were blind to the cruelty of men

When they thought they could change the world

Now, they know.

Destiny continues to bring hope.

And they slowly, slowly lose the harrowed look in their eyes.

There are some moments when it is all too much.

When the darkness in Fate's prison seems to close in on them

When there seems to be no escape

They had one another though , to comfort each other.

To each other, they become the family they had lost.

Destiny's stories fuel them and overtime the chosen ones start to believe them too

That maybe one day they could both have families of their own.

That maybe one day they could laugh without it being bitter.

That one day they could be happy.

Finally, one day Fate sets them free.

But at what cost!

They emerge into the world battered and worn.

The chosen ones are no longer blind to the evils that plague this earth


All they can see is the evil

For Fate was one abuser but the world is a crueler one yet

A mask of indifference becomes the norm

They watch from afar

Watch mothers holding children

Brother laughing with sisters

Families happy

Sometimes, most of the times it feels as if they are trapped yet again,

The darkness closes in on them again

They are no longer safe


I met her,

My lamp in the dark

My love


I had a family

Morgana was still apart of me

Apart of my family


It was not to be

My beloved Annmarie, bleed out on the floor killed by a jealous man

My daughter Cecilia, the same

My son survived only by one of the greatest costs

He became a deamon

I couldn't save them

I can never save them

Once again Morgana comforted me

But this time, "Destiny" gave no help

I had given up

Many times I was tempted to do the unthinkable

To let go of life

Somehow we soldiered on

For we still had that hope in our hearts

Watching , those people

those families

those friends

Hope that we could be happy

And overtime, living slowly, slowly became easier

While although our past still haunted our every step

We decided to do with what we had

We weren't at peace with what we had done under Fates's thrall

We weren't happy

But this was the closest we had come in a very long time

One day,

Destiny came to visit

She had brought with her glad tidings that Fate was now defeated,

The chosen ones astonished asked,

"What happens now? Shall we be happy?"

Destiny hesitated

"Fate's minions are still out there . They will try to harm any chance of you getting any happiness"

She smiled again

"They are much weaker than Fate though, so you have a great chance."

The heroes looked at each other jubilant.

A great chance was better than no chance at all

The world slowly become more accepting.

For once our past didn't haunt our every step, our every act.

Somehow we had become more human.

You know what happens next.

I reunite with my son Keir (Damien to you)

Morgana marries Tobias

They have two children , Zoe and Aimee (your aunts)

I adopt your father, Zach

We somehow manage to come in contact with Alator and Morgause

I somehow manage not to punch Merlin (fine. Jethro) in the face

Your Uncle has your cousins (Rove and the twins)

-Is this my happily ever after?

I didn't pen you for a writer Cecily

(im joking. im joking)


I rather hope not because that means my story -

our story ends here.

Speaking of stories....

You might want to ask your Uncle for some good ones

Dont mention me though


ok. :)

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