Monster Under The Bed
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My try at poetry...

Monster Under The Bed

The monster under the bed is scared

Scared of whatever is out there

Out there is where the sunlight lies

Sunlight which glares into her eyes

Her eyes burn from all the stories told

Stories which are ever so old

Depicting her a monstrous freak

With numerous eyes and pointy teeth

In real life, however she is much too kind

Helping others, from the young to the blind

But as the saying goes, a bad story sells

And the rumor spread, bewitching everyone with its spell

Slowly, slowly people began to turn away

The people decided that she must pay

She went into hiding, although she did nothing wrong

She did the best she could, even though it was but a sad song

The town folk came to her door that night

Banging with pitchforks and causing such strife

So she marred her face with a blade as said

And to this day, she's under the bed

Hiding until the world is kind

Alas, however that possibility is nigh

With the amount of spite modern mortals allow

Its a wonder we aren't all dead by now

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